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MP3 Sound File Downloads

All titles, arrangement, and production of all mp3 files contained at Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 by Athanasius Schaefer.

Athanasius Schaefer sings; plays all guitars, bass, drum machine, synthesizer, theremin, etc; and adds all treatments; unless otherwise noted.

Christian Death Squad (2007)

  1. Christian Death Squad (571 KB) lyrics - Know the false prophets by their fruits!

911 (2006)

  1. 911 (127 KB) lyrics - Suicide is Evil.
  2. Mystery Signal (561 KB) lyrics - Listen for the voice of God.

Mary Magdalene (2004)

  1. Mary Magdalene (791 KB) lyrics - Mary Magdalene greets the dawn of the new creation.
  2. Saint Francis meets Saladin (855 KB) lyrics - An instrumental fusion of ideas.

Magnificat (2003)

  1. Magnificat (1,318 KB) lyrics - The Mother of God provides the finest example.
  2. Homie and the Pope (735 KB) lyrics - Roman Rap.
  3. Albatross (840 KB) lyrics - We are stewards, not masters, of the Earth.
  4. Last Night (1,027 KB) lyrics - The mundane nightmare that is reality.
  5. Happy the Man (586 KB) lyrics - Interpreting the first Psalm.
  6. Thank the Lord (1,119 KB) lyrics - Reworking Psalm 118.
  7. Gregorian Overdrive (1,309 KB) lyrics - Shifting gears.

Speak to Me (2002)

  1. Speak to Me (732 KB) lyrics - A song inspired by the story of Samuel's childhood.
  2. Beautiful Gift (766 KB) lyrics - Adapted from one of Saint Augustine's letters concerning the Holy Spirit.
  3. Lord Jesus Christ went Walking (883 KB) lyrics - Jesus gets around.
  4. Saint Simeon (844 KB) lyrics - An evening sacrifice.

Saint Martin (2001)

  1. St. Martin of Atlanta (1097 KB) lyrics - St Martin answers every American's question: How do I love my enemies?
  2. Martyr's Creed (678 KB) lyrics - Polycarp of Smyrna describes the iron serenity granted by God's Grace.
  3. Saints and Prophets (936 KB) lyrics - Saints and Prophets are all around...

Servant of Christ (1998)

  1. Jesus Prayer (270 KB) lyrics - Perpetural prayer offers hope of salvation. Are you ready?
  2. Demons on my Trail (649 KB) lyrics - St. Anthony of the Egyptian desert was a true master of Spiritual Warfare. His teachings are as relevant today as they were in the 4th Century. How many demons are on your trail?
  3. 3 Angels (897 KB) lyrics - The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God.
  4. Jesus Party (680 KB) lyrics - Jesus invented the party. He did create everything after all. But only Jesus' party never ends. It's up to you. Do you want to attend?
  5. Save our Souls (791 KB) lyrics - The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.
  6. Deluge (1262 KB) lyrics - The rains came to wash away the ancient regime.
  7. Face the Fire (532 KB) lyrics - Join the three holy youths, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, as they face King Nebuchadnezzer's fiery furnace in ancient Babylonia. But wait, who's that in the furnace with them?
  8. Cleanse Me (900 KB) lyrics - Let the healing power of God's love wash over you.
  9. Set my Soul out of Prison (1687 KB) lyrics - Jesus has the power to release you from the prison of sin. Do you want to be free?
  10. Scene from the Head of a Pin (2290 KB)- Can you see the Angels dancing? Can you hear them?

Rolling the Stone (1999)

  1. Tibe Tantris Agion (707 KB) lyrics - The Trisagion has never sounded like this before!
  2. Lucky Laughing Lazarus (1093 KB) lyrics - Jesus brings His friends to life!
  3. 3130 (1480 KB) lyrics - The alternative version of Psalm 30/31.
  4. Jesus is Cool (1174 KB) lyrics - It's up to you. Make the right choice!
  5. Apophasis (1287 KB) lyrics - Dionysius the Areopagite describes what God isn't.
  6. Free Me (854 KB) lyrics - The city of chaos is broken down.
  7. Spruce (345 KB) lyrics - Tranquility in the Gulf of Alaska.
  8. St. Herman of Alaska (987 KB) lyrics - Scenes from the life of one of America's great saints.
  9. Rolling the Stone (1013 KB) lyrics - The Myrrh bearing women discover the empty tomb!

Lords of Chaos (1992-1996)

  1. Rage of Days (1160 KB)- A song about three friends who died.
  2. Ayatollah of Love (836 KB)- These jokers are out there. Watch out!
  3. Hypnotized (562 KB)- TV in all its vacant glory.
  4. No Rest for the Wretched (760 KB)- A Punk Rock song addressing the traps we sometimes fall into.
  5. Sorceror's Return (1005 KB)- Lies behind the shining smoke.
  6. Blue Moonlight (765 KB)- A love song
  7. Dawn (566 KB)- Reflections upon a San Francisco Bay sunrise.
  8. Noon (484 KB)- Lunchtime in the city.
  9. Dusk (735 KB)- Heading home on the ferry after work.
  10. The Window (996 KB)- Stream of consciousness lyrics meet driving guitars.
  11. Music of the Spheres (544 KB)- Tell me about it.
  12. The Stone (1347 KB)- The Quest for the True Cornerstone.

Hidden Oblivion (1992-1996)

  1. Roy Mir (968 KB)- King of Peace.
  2. Bel and the Dragon (497 KB)- A mellow instrumental evoking the Apocryphal story.
  3. Inner Thebaid (753 KB)- Alone in the Wilderness?
  4. Outer Thebaid (675 KB)- Meditations in the Desert.
  5. Nachtflugzeug (915 KB)- Into the night.
  6. Septimus Minor (811 KB)- A contemplative instrumental in 7/8.
  7. The Window Opens (409 KB)- Another trip on the ferry.
  8. Down Descend (1063 KB)- Synthesizer driven Instrumental
  9. Drive Me Mad (707 KB)- The first song I produced.
  10. Scorpions on Ice (369 KB)- A phased guitar instrumental.
  11. Monkey Hill (1118 KB)- Remembrances of Childhood.
  12. I Work (495 KB)- Some Jobs are better than others.
  13. Refractor Filter (624 KB)- An atonal whammy guitar sprawl.