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Speak to Me EP Song Lyrics

All titles Copyright 2002 by Athanasius Schaefer.

  1. Speak to Me
  2. Beautiful Gift
  3. Lord Jesus Christ went Walking
  4. Saint Simeon

Speak to Me

Speak to me 
For I am listening, Lord
Listening to hear your word

Speak to me
For I am waiting
Waiting to do your work


When I stumbled
On the pyramid
You reached out
To catch me

Keep me humble
Let me see my sin
Lead me now
Set me free

The Lord makes poor and makes rich;
He brings low, he also exalts.
He raises up the poor from the dust;
To sit with princes in honor.

The Pillars of the Earth
Belong to God
On them He has set
The World


My Enemies
On your Way
You negate
All there lie

You hear my pleas
Hear what I say
I await
Your reply

He guards the feet of his faithful friends
The wicked shall be cut off in darkness;
For not by might does one prevail.
Godís adversaries shall be shattered

My heart exults in the Lord;
My strength is exalted in my God.


When I collapsed
On the road to ruin
You called me
On the phone

No time elapsed
For prayer tuned in
You did not leave 
Me alone

Let me talk no more so very proudly,
Let arrogance not come from my mouth;
For the Lord is a God of Knowledge;
He will judge the ends of the earth

None is Holy
Like the Lord Most High
There is no Rock
Like God

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Beautiful Gift

There is no gift from God 
That is more beautiful 
Than the Holy Spirit
It alone distinguishes 
The children of the dead 
From the children of life


Holy Spirit!
Make us new
Breathe in us
That our thought be pure
Act in us
That Your work endure
Holy Spirit
Our lives in-spire

CHORUS - Repeat

Draw our hearts
To love the divine
Strengthen us
To de-fend your kind
Guard our lives
To al-ways be thine
Holy Spirit
Give us Your fire

O Love, Who brings to God
O Love, Who are God
Reveal the Tri-ni-ty
O Gift of Love Su-preme

CHORUS - Repeat

Holy Spirit
Give us your power
Every unseen flower
Every day every hour
Holy Spirit
Take our lives higher

CHORUS  repeat until end

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Lord Jesus Christ went Walking

Lord Jesus Christ went walking
On the Sea of Galilee
The stormy wind was howling
My fear was plain to see
He looked like a Ghost on the water
Then He called out to me
My fear then turned to Joy
As He calmed the raging sea

Put not your trust in princes
In sons of men no salvation
Put your trust in Jesus Christ

Do it today

Lord Jesus Christ went preaching
Throughout the Holy Land
Enlightening the population
Helping them understand
Healing and casting out demons
The power of His mighty hand
Granting His disciples
Authority of Godís command

The Lord God is Merciful
Long-suffering, strong to save
Put your trust in Jesus Christ

Do it today

You are the Messiah.
The Son of the living God
Lord Jesus Christ have mercy
On me.

Now the Devil saw Lord Jesus
Fasting in the wilderness
And so Satan thought to himself
I think I'll put God to the Test
Son of Man tempted by Lucifer
Pleasures power of the flesh
But Lord Jesus Christ He triumphed
And beat back Beelzebub's best

The Lord is King
He is robed in majesty
Put your trust in Jesus Christ

Do it today

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Saint Simeon

Part 1 Ė Destruction at the end of the age.

We seek the light
But walk in darkness

Decrees of iniquity
We pass

We turn aside 
The needy from justice

Devouring the weak
With wickedness

Our sin only serves to block

The face and grace of God

Thick gloom in which we walk

Trampled against the rock

Part 2

Let my prayer arise
In Thy sight
Let my prayer arise
In Thy sight as incense

And let the lifting up
The lifting up of my hands
Be an evening sacrifice

Part 3

Prayer of Saint Simeon

Lord now lettest thou thy Servant
Depart in Peace
According to thy word
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation
Which thou hast prepared 
Before the face of all peoples
A light to enlighten the gentiles
And the glory of your people Israel

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