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Servant of Christ Song Lyrics

All titles Copyright 1998 by Athanasius Schaefer.

  1. Jesus Prayer
  2. Demons on my Trail
  3. Three Angels
  4. Jesus Party
  5. Save our Souls
  6. Deluge
  7. Face the Fire
  8. Cleanse Me
  9. Set my Soul out of Prison

Jesus Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon us.

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Demons on my Trail

The crashing wail awoke me
The smoke through the door
Eyes like the morningstar
Flames from his mouth
If you are my master
Then you may destroy me
But if sent by demons
Waste no time retreating
For I am a servant of Christ

A vision of the holy ones
Will give you full assurance
Arrives in such tranquility
Transforming fear to joy
Just ask, "Who are you?"
"Where do you come from?"
Someone diabolical
Immediately weakened
Finding your spirit strong

I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven

God won't know those
Those who boast about
Who boast about defeating
These misguided demons
But you must know
Learn not to falter
Nor to fear these demons
Know how this is done

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Three Angels

Let the contest be ours
So that Anger does not rule us
Nor Desire overwhelm us

The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God

Desire, when it has conceived, gives birth to Sin
And Sin, when it is fully grown, brings forth death.

Let us keep our hearts in all watchfulness
We have terrible and villainous enemies.

We contend not, however, against flesh and blood
But against the Principalities
Against the Powers
Against the Spiritual Hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places
Against the World Rulers of this present darkness.

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Jesus Party

Jesus Party 
It's time to party

Jesus Christ is here all year
It's time to put away hatred and fear
Just groove with His Love and you will find the way
It's good to have a friend on Judgment Day

Jesus Party
It's time to party

Jesus Christ, He is your friend
He will back you til the bitter end
He protects the weak, His Love is strong
With Jesus Christ you can't go wrong

Jesus Party
It's time to party

Fully God and fully man
Don't get upset if you don't understand
Just follow the light of Jesus Christ
Shining down so pure and bright

Jesus Party
It's time to party

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Save our Souls

Save our Souls

O Heavenly God
The Comforter
The Spirit of Truth
Who art everywhere 
And fillest all things
Treasury of Blessings
And Giver of Life
Come and abide in us
And cleanse us from every impurity
And Save our Souls

Save our Souls

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The rains came to wash away the ancient regime
To save the purity of earth from the curse of angelic corruption
The watchers wait in silence beyond the rim of existence
To witness their material realm slip beneath the waves

The proud people panic 
Their poisoned plans perish in the painful rain
Lost laments of torment to the lords of the Nephilim
Misplaced faith did doom them down to the watery tomb
As waters rise over mountains high 
Terrified cries die in the howling windy storm

Noah heard the word of God and hastened to his labor
The fruit of all that dwelt on earth locked up in the ark
Structured by the hand of man, guided by God's providence
The earth again is cleansed of sin, washed from pole to pole
As waters rose through city streets the people didn't frown
At first it seemed like just a fluke, just a heavy drenching
But houses in the valley flooded refugees to higher ground
Trudging up to wealthy villas adding to the mounting tension

The masters of Atlantis pondered all the signs and sought reform
But technological advances proved powerless before the storm
Abandoning to panic all that mattered now in selfish cloud
The people lost all honor in relentless misty shouds

Noah heard the silent word and followed its advice
Labored in due diligence until the work was through
Collected pairs of animals that crawled or ran or flew
And loaded them into the ark and sailed into the night

Keep your eyes from tears and let your voice not weep
Your work's reward shall return you from the land of the enemy

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Face the Fire

Do the Shadrach
On the backtrack
Face the fire
Take it higher
Make it hot
And don't stop

Don't let Meshach
Do the sad sack
Face the fire
Take it higher
On the razzle dazz

Here we go
Face the fire
Take it higher
Was three before
Now three be four

And he never did bow
And he never did kneel

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Cleanse Me

Cleanse me
From my iniquity
Save me
From all who would oppress me

Many are my enemies
They sit around trying to shoot me down
They won't let me be
With their evil eyes and despicable lies
They set a trap for me
They lay their shares for me everywhere
Oh God, set me free
Let me fly away and live another day

Cleanse me from my disease
And set me free
Cleanse me from iniquity
And give me Liberty

Oh God beneath your wings
I sing for joy, a joyous noise
You give me everything
Make me grateful, not so hateful
Freedom is a blessed thing
You gotta use it, or you'll lose it
Let Liberty ring
Around the world every boy and girl

Cleanse me from my disease
And set me free
Cleanse me from iniquity
And give me Liberty

Cleanse me
Save me
Free me
Release me

Cleanse me from my disease
And set me free
Cleanse me from iniquity
And give me Liberty

Oh God you are my shield
You help the humble when they stumble
Your Love is very real
It builds me up and fills my cup
What will you now reveal
The true direction with protection
I want to feel the zeal
Make me mighty in your sight

Cleanse me from my disease
And set me free
Cleanse me from iniquity
And give me Liberty

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Set my Soul out of Prison

Set my soul out of prison
That I may give thanks to Your name
My voice cries to God
Before Jesus Christ I pour out my complaint
I tell my trouble
My voice makes supplication to the most Holy Spirit
When my spirit fails you know my road
Deliver me from my persecutors
For they are too strong for me
My enemies have hidden a trap for me
Along the road that I travel
Look to my right and see
No one cares about me
You are my refuge O Lord
The righteous will surround me

Download Set my Soul out of Prison (1687 KB)

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