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Rolling the Stone Song Lyrics

All titles Copyright 1999 by Athanasius Schaefer.

  1. Tibe Tantris Agion
  2. Lucky Laughing Lazarus
  3. 3130
  4. Jesus is cool
  5. Apophasis
  6. Free Me
  7. Spruce
  8. Saint Herman of Alaska
  9. Rolling the Stone

Tibe Tantris Agion

Invocation to the Holy Spirit,

O Heavenly God, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth,
Who art everywhere and fillest all things.
Treasury of blessings and giver of life,
Come and abide in us; cleanse us of every impurity,
And save our souls, O Good One.


Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal! Have mercy on us.
Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal! Have mercy on us.
Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal! Have mercy on us.

Glory to the Father,
And to the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit,
Now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

O Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us!
Lord, cleasne us from our sins!
Master, pardon our transgressions!
Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities for Thy name's sake.

Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy!

Glory to the Father,
And to the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit,
Now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

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Lucky Laughing Lazarus

I can't explain what happened, 
It doesn't translate into 
At least not any I can say 

I lost my mind. 
All flesh was scattered
to the 4 winds 
and the multi dimensionless array

Moving down the silent highway
Empty darkness distant light
Following those on the road alone
I just can't say it.

Sold as a slave
into the pit of 
chained entertainment for the Beast

Devouring all ordered motion
Stopping in
And rendering decay

I beheld the flashing crossroads
Random access infinite
Leading to a destiny unknown
I still can't say it.

I heard a voice
I heard the word

I walked right past my captors
The Gates of Brass weren't even
The Iron bars swung open wide

Then I sensed His radiant presence
Beckoning me 
His Beatific Smile

Walking back along the highway
Sunlit blue skies overhead
Liberated by the Word of God
Now I can say it.

Back among the physical
The realm of cause and
Marveling at the sun that lights my face

Hiding from assassins
And the politics of
Are they truly ready for God's Grace

God's Grace (repeat)

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I seek refuge in you O
Do not let me ever be put to shame
In your righteousness, deliver me

Incline your ear to me
Rescue me speedily
Be a rock of refuge for me
A fortress to save me

You are my Rock
You are my fortress
Take me out of the net that is hidden for me
For you are my refuge

Into your hand I commit my spirit

You hate those who pay regard to worthless idols
But I trust in the Lord
I rejoice in your steadfast love
Because you have seen my affliction

You have seen my adversities
And kept me from the hand of the enemy
In a broad place have you set my feet
I am in distress; be gracious to me

My eye wastes away from grief
My soul and body also
My life is spent with sorrow
My years with sighing
My strength fails from my misery

And my bones waste away

I am the scorn
Of all my adversaries
A horror to my neighbors
An object of dread to all my friends

Those who see me in the street
They flee from me
I have passed out of mind like one who is dead
I have become like a broken vessel

For I hear the whispering
The whispering of many
Terror is all around
As they scheme together against me

As they plot to take my life

But I trust in you O Lord
I say :"You are my God"
My times are in your hand
Deliver me from the hand of my enemies

Let your face shine upon your servant
Save me in your steadfast love
Do not let me be put to shame, O Lord
For I call on you

Let the wicked be put to shame 
Let them go dumbfounded to Sheol
Let the Lying lips be stilled
That speak insolently against the righteous

With pride and contempt

O how abundant is your goodness
For those who respect and take refuge in you
In the sight of everyone.
In the shelter of your presence 
you hide them from human plots,
safe from contentious tongues.

Blessed be the Lord
In wonder has he shown his steadfast love for me
When I was beset as a city under siege.

I had said in my alarm
I am driven far from your sight
But you heard my supplications

When I cried out to you for help

Love the Lord, 
All you his Saints
The Lord preserves the faithful,
But abundantly repays the one who acts haughtily
Be strong, 
And let your heart take courage,
All you who wait for the Lord.

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Jesus is cool

Wakes up in the morning
He makes a choice
Choose to be a victim
To give evil a voice
Or to learn from life
Point out the positive
That's the bottom line
He chooses how to live
Into this environment
Born into this world
It's so easy to do evil
And so hard to do good
Easy to hurt others
And so hard to forgive
Easily suspicious
Trust is elusive

Adam and Eve
Made that first mistake
In paradise
So long ago
But Jesus Christ
Washed it all away
He gives us life
He gives us hope.

Starting off for work
She makes a choice
Suffer at the hand of jerks
Drown in all that noise
Or as mediator
Create harmony
A unifying center
For many melodies
It's easy to produce
Forces of division
Division in the world
Division within
We may not be guilty
As the courts resolve
Of the sins of others
But we're always involved.

We are blessed
With the power
To reshape
This world we love
And to
Imbue it
With new meaning
From God above

Don't misuse
Your power
In order to
Fashion instruments
Of greed and corruption
Of ugliness and destruction

Made in the image of
One God in Trinity
We achieve salvation
Any action done by
One of humanity
Affects all the others
In solidarity

Love implies
Without freedom
There would be no sin
But without freedom
Man would not be
In God's image
Or God's communion

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Higher than any being, 
Any divinity, any goodness

Guide of Christians 
In the wisdom of heaven

Lead us up beyond unknowing and light
Up to the farthest, highest peak
Of mystic scripture

Where the mysteries of God's Word
Lie simple, absolute and unchangeable

In the brilliant darkness of a hidden silence.
Amid the deepest shadow

They pour overwhelming light
On what is most manifest

Amid the wholly unsensed and unseen
They completely fill our sightless minds
With treasures beyond all beauty

As you look for a sight of the mysterious things,
Leave behind you everything perceived and understood,
Everything perceptible and understandable,
All that is not and all that is, and
With your understanding laid aside,
Strive upward as much as you can toward union 
With him who is above all being and knowledge.

By and undivided and absolute abandonment
Of yourself and everything,
Shedding all and freed from all,
You will be uplifted to the ray of the divine shadow
Which is above everything that is.

The Word of God is vast and minuscule
The Gospel is wide-ranging and yet restricted.
The good cause of all is both eloquent and taciturn,
Indeed wordless.
It has neither word nor act of understanding,
Since it is on a plane above all this,
And it is made manifest
Only to those who travel through foul and fair,
Who pass beyond the summit of every holy ascent,
Who leave behind them every divine light,
Every voice,
Every word from heaven,
And who plunge into the darkness where, 
as scripture proclaims,
there dwells the One who is beyond all things.

And yet, you do not meet God Himself,
But contemplate, not him who is invisible,
But rather where he dwells.
This means that the holiest and highest of the things
perceived with the eye of the body or the mind
are but the rationale which presupposes 
all that lies below the Transcendent One
Through them, however, 
his unimaginable presence is shown,
walking the heights of those holy places
to which the mind at least can rise.
But then you break free of them,
Away from what sees and is seen,
And plunge into the truly mysterious darkness of unknowing.
Here, renouncing all that the mind may conceive,
Wrapped entirely in the intangible and the invisible,
You belong completely to him who is beyond everything.
Here, being neither oneself nor someone else,
You are supremely united 
by a completely unknowing inactivity of all knowledge,
And know beyond the mind
By knowing nothing.

The cause of all is above all and is not inexistent,
Lifeless, speechless, mindless.
It is not a material body,
And hence has neither shape nor form,
Quality, quantity, or weight.
It is not in any place and can neither be seen nor be touched.
It is neither perceived nor is it perceptible.
It suffers neither disorder nor disturbance
And is overwhelmed by no earthly passion.
It is not powerless nor subject to the disturbances
Caused by sense perception.
It endures no deprivation of light.
It passes thought no change, decay, division, loss
No ebb and flow, nothing of which the senses may be aware.
None of all this can either be identified with it,
Nor attributed to it.

It is not soul or mind, 
Nor does it possess imagination, conviction, speech, or understanding.
Nor is it speech per se, understanding per se.
It cannot be grasped by understanding since it is neither knowledge nor truth.
It is not matter, nor is it eternity or time.
It is not immovable, moving or at rest.
It has no power, it is not power, nor is it light.
It does not live, nor is it life.
It is not kingship.
It is not wisdom.
It is neither one nor oneness, divinity nor goodness.
Nor is it a spirit,
In the sense in which we understand that term.
It is not sonship or fatherhood.
It falls neither within the predicate of being nor of nonbeing.
Darkness and light, error and truth,
It is none of these.
Free from limitation, it is beyond limitation.
It is beyond assertion.
It is beyond denial.

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Free Me

High on the Watchtower
The horsemen ride in pairs

The master is desolate as is the slave
The mistress is desolate so is the maid
The city of Chaos is broken down
The fortified city is in ruins

Oh you destroyer you treacherous one
When you have ceased to destroy
You will be destroyed

By their fruits you can tell
If they serve heaven or hell
Yes, you'll know them by their fruits
Do they sow confusion or do they tell the truth

With their words do they show you the way
Or do their lies lead you astray

Do they serve the word of Jesus Christ
Or themselves with their own lies

Do they seek God to exult
Or establish their personality as cult
Their lies are knives stuck in your back
These hypocrites are always on the attack

They humiliate you to make themselves feel better.

Sins against the Spirit will not be forgiven

Lord Take this anger away from me
Before it destroys my soul
Teach me to forgive my enemies
Before my soul grows cold.

Free me from envy and from greed
Let my life be satisfied

God take my hatred and set me free
Revenge is an empty lie
The chains of hatred are freezing me
Please give heed to my cry

Help me attain perfect inner peace
And help thousands all around

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Saint Herman of Alaska

You knew the wonder of the morning sun
That Shines on high in the Arctic Dawn

Born to the merchant life Serpukhov
You Entered Trinity-Sergius Hermitage

The Queen of Heaven shone her light on you
When that fatal throat abscess was removed

You went to serve Elder Nazary
At Lake Logoda's Valaam Monastery

You were appointed to the mission's task
To preach the gospel to Alaska

You founded New Valaam on Spruce Island
Near Kodiak's Church of the Resurrection

Your superhuman strength distinguished you
As did your life in ascetic truth

You in your solitude were not alone
You knew the Angels and their silent tones

You interceded for the native rights
You would not give up without a gentle fight

You labored long in the lonely night
To comfort those in the fever's plight

You were a teacher of the civilized
Who recognized your lessons as most wise

You liked to talk about eternity
Of salvation and our destinies.

You kept the fires and the floods at bay
Every animal listened to the words you'd say

The flood waters began to rise
There was nowhere on the island to hide

Mary the Mother of our God
Interceded with a nod

You placed her icon on a bank of sand
And drew a line between flood and land

The Queen of Heaven shone her light thru you
And let you show the world the truth

Of Jesus Christ and the Trinity
Three Persons in one Unity.

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Rolling the Stone

Three days after
His Crucifixion
Servants of the Master
The Myrrh bearing women
Hastened to His Tomb
To preserve with Spices
Found His grave was opened
By divine devices

Soldiers set to guard
Now to another zone
The Angel of the Lord
Rolled away the stone

The Mystery of the Ages
Confounding worldly sages

Early in the morning
At the break of dawn
Mary Magdalene
The Myrrh bearing women
The Angel said to them
Shining like lightning
Why seek the living
As among the dead

See the empty tomb
Try to understand
Jesus Christ is Risen
Destroying Deathís command

Resurrecting all from eternal rest
Conquering Death by Death

As the Dawn was breaking
And nightís dark powers wane
The myrrh bearing women
Mary Magdalene
The saw the empty tomb
It all seemed so absurd
Like the Virginís womb
The Angel said these words

Tell His Disciples
Of the resurrection
Inform the Apostles
Of their new direction

Rolling the Stone away
For you the new creation awaits

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