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Magnificat EP Song Lyrics

All Titles Copyright 2003 by Athanasius Schaefer.

  1. Magnificat
  2. Homie and the Pope
  3. Albatross
  4. Last Night
  5. Happy the Man
  6. Thank the Lord
  7. Gregorian Overdrive


Part 1  Annunciation 

Gabriel, an angel, a messenger of God
Greeted Mary the virgin
And told her about her son.

Her child would be both man and God
To be granted Jacob's reign,
A Kingdom never to end

Conceived of the Holy Spirit
Power of the Most High
To be called the Son of God

Then Mary said, "Here I am,
The servant of the Lord,
Let it be with me by thy word."

Glory to God in the highest heaven
And on Earth Peace among men

Part 2  Wedding at Cana 

Jesus Christ and His trusted friends
Attended a wedding feast
In Cana of Galilee
When the wine supply came to an end

She told her son, "They have no wine."
"Woman," He said, "Is this our right
Concern?  Now is not yet my time."
Then a servant caught her sight

Mary the mother of our God
Told the servants to obey her son
Seeing six large water jars
He ordered them filled without pause

The head waiter tasted the water and found it to be wine
Jesus Christ had revealed His Glory.  This was His very first sign

Part 3  Guadelupe

You give me roses
On a Winter day
As I climb the hill

You crush the serpents
Who loom in my way
Yet you stand so still

You choose to carry
In your blessed womb
The creator of all

You make me happy
I fear not the tomb
Your choice freed me from the fall

O virgin Theotokos, hope of all Christians
Protect, preserve, and save those who hope in you

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Homie and the Pope

Homie goes 
To ancient Rome
To see the Pope 
And the holy smoke
Homie waits
For the Dawn to break
To rise above
With the Power of Love
At the papal see
Knows Homieís cool,
He ainít no tool
Those who live 
To see him die
Will be denied
Will be despised

DaVinci Ride the starry sky
Train to the city Navonna slide
Secant Tangent cosine sine
Three point one four one five nine

Navigate the barricaded maze
Perambulate the Balustrade
Made my way to St Peter's grave
Good God! Everyone was saved.


The Son Son Son Son
Is revealed revealed
By the Holy Holy Holy Holy Spirit

The Son Son Son Son
Is revealed revealed
By the Holy Holy Holy Holy Spirit

God the Father
Yeah you right
The core the source
Of all that might
Unknown in His essence
You can say Heís outta sight
There at the beginning
Let there be light

Time and Space and History
The Fountainhead of mystery
Beyond every existery
Brotherhood and sistery


God the Son
Jesus Christ
The Word made flesh
Compassion and might
Love among us
True and right
In the beginning
Let there be light

No demiurge that made mistakes
That false idolís a phony fake
Christ the Logos truly creates
Then gave His life away for our sake


The Holy Spirit
Sacred Fire
The Advocate
The Comforter
Fully God
The Person third
Together with the Father
And the Word

Through Him the Father
Is made known
Through Him God the Son
Is shown
Proceeding from
The Father's Love
At the petition
Of God the Son


Homie goes 
To ancient Rome
And he sees the Pope 
And the holy smoke
Homie knows
That it aint no joke
So he waits all night
For the Holy Light
For the Holy Truth
In a world gone bad
The son of God
And the Spiritu too
Person to person
One thing is certain
The Trinity
Is all you need

Navigate the barricaded maze
Perambulate the Balustrade
Made my way to St Peter's grave
Good God! Everyone was saved.

Look within for Love Most High
Listen to the voice, Donít wonder why
View the work with open eyes
Seek the truth, ignore the lies

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Over the empty ocean
Searching the silent sea
Hovering in slow motion
All seems lost
A sorrowful mystery
No fish on the vast horizon
Beyond what the eye can see

Civilized decay
A shadowy Merovingian
Clinging to entropy
Like a seized-up, worn-out engine
Grinding down the day
Covering the sea with oil
Filthy sky of misery
Toiling the toxic soil

Is it not too late
To avert this real disaster
To recognize our role
Is steward, not that of master?
Destiny or fate
The sum of all our choices
This world is what we mold
Guided by God's voices

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Last Night

Last Night I dreamed of Chairman Mao
Watching his TV
A photograph of Che Guevara
Sat beside the beer
The Chairman belched and changed the channel
Nine to Five then Three
"Thereís never anything on," he said
Staring at the screen

Last Night I saw the revolution
Used to sell some shoes
The troops and tanks of the red parade
Right past Leninís tomb
Silicone Anorexics smiling
Laughing at the News
Leon Trotskyís refrigerator
Now I want one too.

The Empires and their greedy rulers
Crumble into dust
Dictators break the backs of the people
To feed their insane lusts
Global Markets gyrating wildly
First the boom then bust
God alone will reign forever
In Him put your trust

Last Night I dreamed of Reinhard Heydrich
And his new machine
Dissolving all your worldly problems
Washing it all clean
The sales are soaring up the chimneys
Soon it will be seen
The empty streets, the desolation
Wake me from this dream

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Happy the Man

Happy the man
Who walks not
In the counsel of
The wicked

Happy the Man
Who takes not
The path that
Sinners tread

Happy the Man
Who sits not
In the seat of

Happy the man
Who walks not
In the counsel of
The wicked

Happy the Man
Whose delight
Is the Law of the Lord

Happy the Man
Who Day and Night
Meditates on the Law of God

The Wicked are not so
But are like chaff
That the wind drives away
Therefore the wicked
Will not stand in the Congregation
Of the righteous

They lie in wait
To kill themselves
And set an ambush
For their own lives

The fear of God
Is the beginning of knowledge
Fools despise wisdom
And instruction

Happy are the trees, planted by streams of water
Which yield its fruit in its season
And their leaves do not wither
In everything they do, they prosper

For the Lord watches over
The Lord watches over the way of the righteous
But the way of the wicked
The way of the wicked will perish

A thousand my fall at your side
Ten thousand at your right hand
But it will not come near you

All Wisdom
Is from the Lord
And with Him it remains

The sand of the sea
The drops of rain
The days of eternity
Who can count them all

The height of heaven
The breadth of the earth
The abyss and Wisdom
Who can search them out

God created Wisdom
Before all other things
And prudent understanding
From eternity

The root of Wisdom
To whom has it been revealed
Her subtleties
Who knows them

Only One is wise
Greatly to be feared
Seated on His throne
The Lord Most High

Upon all the living
According to His gift
He lavished her upon
Those who love Him

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Thank the Lord


Thank the Lord
For He is good

His steadfast Love 
Endures forever

God is my strength
God is my might

He has become 
My salvation

Open to me the gates of


That I may enter 

C (last chorus B)

Them, and give thanks to the


D6sus4/E  C6sus4/E

(To the Lord! - 2nd chorus)

D6sus4/E  C6sus4/E

Verse 1

In my distress 
I called on the Lord

He answered me 
And brought me to safety

With the Lord by my side
I do not fear

What can mortals do to me

It is better to take
Refuge in God

Than to put your trust
In mortal leaders

Better to make your
Fortress in God

Than trust in any
Earthly ruler

Verse 2

All nations surrounded me
On every side

In the name of the Lord
I cut them off

I was pushed hard
So that I was falling

But the Lord my God
He helped me

The righteous sing glad songs
Of Victory

The right hand of God
Does valiantly

I shall not die,
But I shall live

And recount the deeds
Of the Lord

Middle 8 - picked chords with hi E string ringing

I thank You that You have

Answered me

And have become
My salvation

The stone that the

Builders rejected

Has become the
Chief cornerstone

This is the

Lordís doing

It is marvelous
In our eyes

This is the day that the

Lord has made

Let us rejoice and 
Be glad in Him

E  D6sus4/E  C6sus4/E

Verse 3

Save us, we
Beseech you O Lord!

O Lord!  We beseech you
Give us success

Blessed is he
Who comes in the name of

The Lord

The Lord is God
He has given us Light

You are my God
I will give thanks to you

Open the Gate
The Gate of the Lord

Let Righteousness enter
Through it

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Gregorian Overdrive


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