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Christian Death Squad Song Lyrics

All Titles Copyright 2007 by Athanasius Schaefer.

  1. Christian Death Squad

Christian Death Squad

Terrorists attack from the land of oil
Crashing our planes into their targets
Crisis creates a consumer nightmare
Shaking our faith in the markets

Illegal leaders exploit the chaos
To execute a personal scheme
The empty pious lies they utter
Sell the people an impossible dream:

The Vengeance of our Holy Crusade
Will put all our enemies to flight
Christian Death Squads will guarantee
Our air-conditioned birthright

Propaganda campaigns in the media
Convince the public that death is near
Totalitarian Religious deception
Calls the faithful to worship fear

The greedy leaders begin the bloodshed
Waging their war on the cheap
Smirking their arrogance at the carnage
Waiting for the profits they will reap

Christian Death Squads rage triumphant
"Mission accomplished" they soon declare
All opposition cowers before them
The Constitution continues to tear

You believe you have a pipeline
To the mind of god
Proudly you say “Vengeance is mine
I will wield his sword.”
When you believe in a god
Of your own creation
Truly you give yourself permission
To place your faith in deception

Hypocrites blaspheme the name of God
Stabbing Jesus Christ in the back
Trading the blood of innocents
For the oil fields in Iraq

Is torture the tool of a Christian Nation?
Know the false prophets by their fruits
Murder, theft, and war without end
Search your hearts you will find the truth

Christian Death Squads are satanic
They manifest hell on earth
They oppress the weak and destroy the faith
Put not your trust in their curse!

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