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God made Himself human, that we might become God.

St. Irenaeus, St. Athanasius, St. Gregory Nazianzan, and other church fathers and theologians have transmitted this basic truth through the centuries. They wish to sum up in one striking sentence the very essence of Christianity: The descent of the divine person of Christ makes human persons capable of an ascent in the Holy Spirit. This path of ascent opens the unlimited vistas of the union of created beings with the Divinity.

God, from His own side, offers us all the abilities to perceive Him by revealing Himself to us. From our side, it is our responsibility to enjoy this divine knowledge, not only by studying and researching, but also by purifying our souls and hearts, i.e., our internal sight. As St. Athanasius writes in Contra Gentes:

But for its knowledge and accurate comprehension, there is need of none other save of ourselves. Neither, as God Himself is above all, is the road to Him afar off outside ourselves, but it is in us, and it is possible to find it from ourselves, in the first instance, as Moses also taught, when he said: "But the word (of faith) is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart..." Deut. 30:14. This very thing the Saviour declared and confirmed, when He said: "The kingdom of God is within you", Lk. 17:21. For having in ourselves faith, and the kingdom of God, we shall quickly be able to see and perceive the king of the Universe, the saving Word of the Father.

The mission of my ministry is to spread this truth to as many people as I can reach. The internet is a powerful tool for this purpose. I also hope to use my music to put this message into an easily comprehensible format.


I primarily attended a Presbyterian Church while growing up in New Orleans. I have studied Taoism; Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism; Sufism; the ancient mythologies of Egypt, Greece, India, the near east, northern Europe, and pre-columbian America; the Occult Sciences, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and Magick; Alchemy and Psychology; and other disciplines that lead me to my faith in Jesus Christ. Currently, I attend a Greek Orthodox Church, but feel comfortable in Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches as well.

I began studying violin with Pr. Kilinsky when I was 7. I took piano lessons with Mrs. Van Den Bosch when I was 10. Rod Moroney and George West taught me how to play guitar. David Turgeon provided me with whatever vocal technique I now possess. James Singletary corrected my faulty bass playing. Forres Collins instilled in me a proper rhythmic discipline. Cranston Clements initiated me into the mysteries of music theory. Tom Rushing and Matushka Margie Prokurat sharpened my arrangement skills. Allen Toussaint, Lenny Radlauer, Bill Coleman, and Joe Looney showed me how to produce recordings.

I benefit from the continued encouragement and inspiration of Dave and Karen Robinson and the Bay Area Second Saturday Artists' group. Brad Berry and Cameron Crabtree have provided me with a Liturgical sense of freedom for which I am humbly grateful. I appreciate the support given me by Michael J Padilla, Tom Birch, Paul Giacopa, and the other members of the BayMarin Praise and Worship teams.

I thank you all.

God Bless.