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15NOV2007Christian Death Squad - New MP3 for 2007

Letter 911

Peace to your love in God!

911 was not God's will. God's will is that we live in Paradise with Him, but mankind defied the will of God. We acquired the knowledge of Good and Evil, and we wield this ill-found toy clumsily. God was not flying those planes; we were.

Revenge is one of Satan's most powerful weapons. Few of us can successfully resist its allure. Only forgiveness and mercy can rid mankind of this infliction. Such mercy may be beyond the capabilities of many of us, but such forgiveness is not beyond the power of God.

The gang that destroyed the World Trade Center may have believed they were serving God, but their belief was nothing but will to power. There was nothing Divine in their satanic act of suicide. God was not with them. Jesus was not cheering them on. God is not evil. Those faithless fanatics deceived themselves. The devil is free with ideas, but mankind puts those plans into action.

Suicide is an act of Evil. Suicide is not a gift; it is a curse. Suicide is not motivated by love for others; it is motivated by revenge and hatred. Suicide does not help children; it creates widows and orphans. The moment of annihilation is not cloaked in glory; it is shrouded in sorrow and despair. The suicide does not reside with God in peace and paradise. The suicide does not escape hell.

There is no greater love than to give one's life for one's friends. This is the opposite of suicide. This a life-affirming act of generosity. It is not killing yourself, although you may defend another against the wrath of a third party. It is defensive, not offensive. Love for others, especially the enemy, is the focus. We are called to sacrifice ourselves to benefit our neighbors.

This is the essence of the American experiment. For it to succeed we must care for our neighbors. We must encourage all positive contributions. We must respect each others' spiritual decisions. The world is complicated and full of troubles. Each of us faces a struggle for existence. We can only change ourselves. You don't love God if you don't love your neighbor. Attain inner peace and you help thousands around you.

The Love of God overcomes Evil. In God all things are possible. The best way, maybe the only way, to overcome evil caused by suicide is prayer and forgiveness. Hatred and resentment will only fuel the desire for revenge; thus is evil perpetuated. Forgiveness may seem to be an impossible task, but seek God's help. God will help you. God's love will give you the power to heal.

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